TCASG always stays on top by implementing the latest technology and innovative ideas in the recruitment agency world. Join hands with us to make it easy to find the right talent for your company because every candidate is Pre-screened and evaluated to meet your business-specific needs. We are a one-stop solution that makes sourcing creative talent effortless and quick.

Contingency Search

They are primarily used for searches which are important but may be less urgent. For example, the contingency search includes searching our database, internet, social media, LinkedIn, Zoominfo and using Top Echelon Network. This search also offers in-depth prescreening of all candidates before introducing them to the employer.



Retained Search

They are typically used in Senior Level executive positions which are extremely urgent. For these situations, our team will be exclusively dedicated to a particular employer’s project with the highest level of service available.

Priority Search

Priority search guarantees dedicated focus, accelerated hiring timelines, targeted candidate sourcing, and increased chances of securing top-tier talent for critical positions.


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